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Blogging Resources

I get a lot of questions about the tools and resources I use to run World’s Strongest Librarian. Here are the things I can’t live without, or couldn’t live without in the past. I’ll be adding to this list as I learn.

Web Hosting

I’ve been hosted by Hostgator for two years and it has been a fantastic choice. I’ve only needed their help twice. Each time I was able to get someone on the phone within five minutes and the problems were fixed five minutes after that. I can’t say enough good things about them. They’re also very affordable and upgrading is very easy. Oh, unlimited domains too!


I am a member of The Keyword Academy. If you are interested in generating search engine traffic for your blog, they have a great community of people learning together. There are also a couple of tools they use, but the group has been the most helpful to me.

Email Newsletter Service: Aweber

When you get a newsletter from me by email, it’s because I sent you something with Aweber. Very affordable, easy to learn and use, and the customer service is wonderful.

Microphone: Snowball by Blue

Those lovely, lovely audio recordings I do are recorded with the Snowball Microphone. It’s the coolest thing I have sitting on my desk, and it’s easy to use, plug n play.

Personal Productivity and Organization: Todoodlist

I am pretty much a train wreck of organization, but it used to be much worse. I write a lot and I have a lot of projects going on. But although I may struggle to juggle priorities, I rarely forget anything anymore. That’s a fact, and–cheesy-sounding or not–I owe it to this ingenious little system: Todoodlist.