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Name Something Two People On A Date Might Share

As I’ve searched the web to see what people are looking for and at, I’m amazed at how many Family Feud cheat sheet pages there are. I started writing these posts myself to see how many answers I could come up with under a specific time interval–usually between 20 and 60 seconds. But now I’m [...]

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Name Something That Melts

In honor of the stifling, horrific heat outside today, I’m going to take a stab at the Family Feud question: name something that melts. I usually use these questions as a little mental jumpstart. They can be useful when I’m getting ready to work on a longer writing project. I’m always surprised at how hard [...]

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Name Something That Begins With The Word Great

In honor of a recent blog comment informed me that I write at a third grade level, and that I use words like “great” and “awesome,” I am writing today’s Family Feud question post: Name something that begins with the word great. In fact, I write at a fifth grade level. If this is your [...]

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Name Something People Associate With A Christmas Carol

I know it’s a bit early to start writing 2011 Christmas posts, but I’ve got a reason. I was looking back at the archives of this blog yesterday and was surprised anew at how many posts are here. Some make me smile, many make me laugh, and others make me groan and wonder what I [...]

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Name Something That Can Go Wrong During A First Kiss

Onward with the Family Feud questions. Today’s post–name something that can go wrong during a first kiss–was inspired by something my father-in-law said during  a family reunion. We were playing games around the fire. Family Feud, in fact. He was the head of our team. His question was “Name something that would make a blind [...]

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Name Something People Do While Watching Fireworks

Another Family Feud style post today, because we have been trying to decide whether to go to the fireworks this year. Name something people do while watching fireworks. The year we got married, we were about six weeks away from our wedding on the fourth of July. We just forgot about it while in that [...]

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Name Something People Spend Their Tax Returns On

More off topic than usual today. We just spent our own tax return on a bunch of unexpected expenses. Nothing fun. If this is the first Family Feud questions post of mine that you have read, here’s how it works. I set a timer for 30 seconds and try to answer the question with as [...]

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Name Something Your Parents Would Criticize You For Not Having

Mother’s day is right around the corner. I’d been planning on ending the Family Feud questions posts, but then I saw this one and thought of dear old mom and all the times she said “You should” or “You shouldn’t.” Today the question is: Name something your parents would criticize you for not having. If [...]

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Name Something An Angry Wife Might Throw At Her Husband

April is almost over, and I’ll probably be ending my Family Feud question posts with it.  I haven’t gotten much better at coming up with answers on the spot, and the spot I’m able to put myself on can’t compare with the in-the-moment anxiety of actually appearing on the show. Today’s question: Name something an [...]

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