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20 Rep Squat Routine

If you read my book review of Randall Stossen’s book Super Squats, then you have heard me talk about the 20 rep squat routine before. It’s bad news. You take a bunch of weight, put it on a barbell, and then squat it 20 times. In between squats you take as many breaths as you [...]

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Weight Lifting Supplements I Have Used

I have been weight training for the last ten years now. There was a time when I wanted to try every single weight lifting supplement in existence, but I didn’t have any of my own money and my parents weren’t about to spring for them all. But I was able to try a few. The [...]

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Life Lessons From Beyond Brawn

I have been looking back over some of my old posts. My attitude has changed greatly about some things I wrote as little as a year ago. In other cases it has stayed the same or been reinforced. One of the series I knew I would write from the almost-beginning of the blog was the [...]

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5 Flexeriffic (and super-awesome) Muscle Movies

Bodybuilders and action heroes. Who can stand against their bulging biceps, veined quads, and dominating vascularity? Especially when they’re equipped with a million machine guns, camouflage, and the perfect script. You? Please. Me? Please. Well, as these fellows proved, no amount of aliens, South American thugs, or dashes-of-lye-in-the-eye can hold a candle to the no [...]

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Periodic Periodicals

This is a guest post from Todd Boyer It was like a scene in “A Christmas Story” — 9 year old Ralphie runs to the mailbox after school, hoping to find his “Little Orphan Anny” decoder ring. Then one day it arrives! Ralphie tears open the package as he runs to the one room in [...]

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