Taking A Break For The Rest Of September

Hi all, my Tourette’s is acting up to the point where I can’t really write much. I’m going to take the rest of September off and see if I can figure anything out. You’re still my favorites, forget it not! Josh

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I Got A Part In A Zombie Movie

Well, I’m doing a terrible job with Mark Twain month. I think I’m setting it aside for now, especially since I didn’t start it until about the eighth anyway. But I have two updates! I’ll give a longer update on this as we go, but last night at the library I walked into our conference […]

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Now Taking On Memoir Students

Hi all, I’m interrupting Mark Twain month briefly for a quick announcement: Starting in November I am going to be taking on students who want to write memoir, or are in the process and need feedback, or who just want someone to read for them and give suggestions on what works and what doesn’t. If […]

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Mark Twain – How To Tell A Story

I read How To Tell A Story for the first time in my early twenties. I’ve never forgotten it. Every time I sit down to write something funny (I hope), I check it against this short piece to see if what I am envisioning is: A humorous story A witty story A comic story Mark […]

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Why Twain?

In nearly every interview or talk I’ve given this year, I’ve been asked to name my favorite author. A literary landscape where my answer is not Mark Twain is inconceivable. If I ever give an answer that’s not Mark Twain it will mean I had a stroke. The next question is usually “Why? Why Mark […]

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Mark Twain Month

Hi all, I’m going to spend the rest of September writing about Mark Twain here on the blog, and I’ll be writing more regularly than usual. If there’s a specific book or piece you’d like to discuss, let me know in the comments and I’ll see if I can work it into what I have […]

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Do You Have A Favorite Grammar Book?

I know, this is probably the least sexy question of all time…or is it? Depends on how you think about grammar. Me? I’m all about it, despite my sloppy sentence construction. Here are a few grammar books I have loved. If you’re trying to become a better writer, communicator, orator, or you just want to […]

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The Clouds, Judgmental

The other day my sister Megan was in a car. She looked out the window, up at the clouds. “Do you think the clouds ever look down at us and say, ‘Hey, that one’s shaped like an idiot?’” I doubt it. But that made me laugh harder than anything has in a year. Maybe you’re […]

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Anne Rice Party, Book Tattoo, Updates

Hey gang, I’ve got a few items to share. Party On October 24 I’m going to be doing a library event in Lafayette, Louisiana. Better yet, the day after that I’m going to New Orleans for the Anne Rice Halloween party. With any luck, I’ll have another arm-wrestling picture for you soon. It’s a big party full […]

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