A Poignant Response To Books Vs E-books, Courtesy of Will Schwalbe

On Sunday I was on a panel called The Power of Books at the Miami Book Fair. My co-panelists were Will Schwalbe, author of The End Of Your Life Book Club, and Dani Shapiro, who has written too many wonderful things to list. Her most recent is Still Writing: The Pleasures And Perils of a Creative Life.  Will […]

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Dancing With Brian Boitano! Spanked by Amy Tan! Taken Down A Notch by Dave Barry! Rock Bottom Remainders Recap.

I spent last week in Miami at the book fair. The highlight, which will surprise no one who reads this blog, was that I got to perform on stage with the Rock Bottom Remainders. RBR is an all-author band. When I started writing seriously about ten years ago, I made a goal. It wasn’t money, […]

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Final Round of Goodreads Voting and Music Video

Hi all, I’m in Miami. This place is super weird. In between book fair things, I’m just hanging out in my hotel room, reading, writing, and napping. The World’s Strongest Librarian has made it to the final of the Goodreads Reader’s Choice awards for 2013, so thank you if you have voted so far. This […]

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“Utterly Aseductive.”

something that may have happened: Winter is officially here, which means everyone is stacked on top of one another in the library. Everywhere I look, someone is draped over something, not seductively. When I said this to a co-worker, she said: “No, it’s utterly aseductive.” At that very moment, a couple walked in front of […]

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Miami Book Fair

Hi all, I’ll be on the road this next week, but will be popping in with updates from the Miami Book Fair. By far what I am most excited for is a panel I get to be on with Will Schwalbe, author of The End Of Your Life Book Club (read it!), and Dani Shapiro, author […]

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A Video I Made For Goodreads Discussing The Memoir and Autiobiography Nominees

Seriously, read all these other books!

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Please Vote Again – Made It To The Goodreads Semifinals!

Hi all, The World’s Strongest Librarian survived the first round of the Goodreads voting, so THANK YOU. Next up is the semifinal round, and you can vote again. My book is in the best memoir and autobiography category.   Please do! Also, you have to be a goodreads member to vote. It’s free. I”m not above asking […]

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Goldfinch Update!

Hi all, I have strictly rationed off my reading of Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch. I raced through about the first 70% of it, according to my Kindle. And now I’ve slowed it down and am reading 1 measly % each day. I just can’t stand for it to end. In the meantime, I’ve read Bad […]

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Life, Books, Life

I had a thought today. I don’t know how many days I’ll have left, hopefully there will be a lot of them. Decades and decades. And this popped into my head: Every day for the rest of my life will probably have a book in it. And it made me smile. And I think it […]

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