The Best Gift You Can Give Your Body

Hi all, if you’ve followed me for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about how I do most of my strength training alone in my back yard. I fell out of love with gym culture a few years back. However, it’s cold and nasty in Salt Lake, Gold’s Gym was running a good special, […]

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Letters For Kids With Tourette’s Update!

Hi gang, per the usual, I overestimated my ability to do a lot of things very quickly. However, even thought I got behind, I believe I’ve written and mailed all of the letters. If New Years comes and your child didn’t receive a letter, it means I got scatterbrained and it fell through the cracks. […]

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Dorothy Parker And The Dorkiest Birthday

Hi all, I recently wrote a holiday blog for Bookreporter.com. The assignment was to write about a memorable holiday experience either giving or receiving books. My piece about me and Dorothy Parker was published today. Click that link and lose yourself in the bliss of about 200 words.

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Fighting Hunger With Holiday Haikus

Hi all, Today is the launch of Penguin Random House’s Holiday Haiku campaign. If you tweet a short haiku on Twitter and use the hashtag #HolidayHaiku, PRH will donate one dollar (up to $2000)  to City Harvest, an organization dedicated to feeding the hungry in New York during the holidays. Read more here. If you’re […]

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Letters For Kids With Tourette Syndrome Part 2

Hi all, if you requested a letter for your TS child, they should all be mailed by Friday afternoon. If you still want one, please send me an email by clicking on Then email me a mailing address, the child’s age and name, and tell me a little bit about how the kid is handling […]

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Leiningen Versus The Ants!

Hi all, an offhand remark from a friend this morning reminded me of one of my favorite short stories. Not quite horror, but very intense, Leiningen Versus The Ants was written by Carl Stephenson. It’s about a crazed ant attack on a plantation, and the only man who could stop the madness, Leiningen! Read it […]

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An Offer For Parents Of A Child With Tourette Syndrome

Hi all, I’m going to spend the rest of December sending hand-written letters to kids with Tourette’s. If you have a child with Tourette Syndrome, and you think a note from me could be a good thing, please contact me and provide: A mailing address The child’s name and age Tell me something about the […]

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Worst Christmas Song Part Five

Hey all, it’s that time of year again. Each December on the blog I’ve taken nominations for the worst Christmas song you think of. It can be old, new, pop, traditional, whatever. It just has to set your teeth on edge. I say this as someone who loves a lot of Christmas music. I could listen to […]

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NPR’s Best Books of 2013

Hi all, just learned that The World’s Strongest Librarian selected as one of NPR’s Best Books of 2013. How cool is that? I’ve been looking at the other books, and I remain both a- and bemused that I find myself in such august company. On the reading front, I’ve been enjoying Jonathan Tropper’s This Is […]

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