What’s This?

Glad you asked. This is where you sign up for the book club. Every month I will send out an email with that month’s reading selection. I might occasionally email you something else, but it will be book-related.

If you would like a couple of examples, here are two recent newsletters from the archives. Some are shorter than these, some are longer, all are book-related and awesome.

April 2012: Try This Reading Experiment – You Deserve It

47 of my favorite non-fiction books

11 fantastic Books recommended by 11 exquisite librarians

I’ll never sell your information. I respect your privacy. I’m a librarian, after all.

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  5. Ted
    Ted at · Reply

    Hi Josh,

    Just a quick note that we can’t see the signup form in IE 7.

    Please feel free to delete this note once read!

    Keep up the great work!

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  11. John
    John at · Reply


    Is there a forum for the book club?

  12. SusanGarvey
    SusanGarvey at · Reply

    Hi Josh:
    I don’t think I’ve signed up, but would love to. I can’t on the website, however. The boxes are not large enough to complete the entry.

  13. judy jones
    judy jones at · Reply

    are these reads available as e readers?ty

  14. Milena
    Milena at · Reply

    I just signed up for the Book Club, can I get the title of this month’s book? I’d love to participate, even if I am a little behind.

  15. Page Inman
    Page Inman at · Reply

    Hi Josh,
    I’ve got an ARC of your book and am enjoying it. I am a librarian and always like reading about my fellow librarian’s adventures in sharing a love of books.

  16. Verónica Díaz
    Verónica Díaz at · Reply

    Hey Josh,
    I am a memoir lover. I work as a junior high school teacher and I’m always looking for inspiring stories to share with my students. I also have a 4 year-old daughter who is very much into books so I am creating a collection of my favourite books, hoping she will read them and enjoy them one day as much as I do. Thus, I can’t wait to read your story! I might have to wait for a little while and have the book shiped from the States since I live in Mexico. But I am defenitely looking forward to having it in my hands and memoir collection!
    All the best,

    1. philosophy.
      philosophy. at · Reply

      Hi. Please tell me the site from which i will get a free philosophy books. I really a philosophy book. “The elements of moral Philosophy” by James Rachels. can you help me?

  17. Naomi
    Naomi at · Reply

    Hi Josh, I just read your blog on your reading experiement and it was very interesting. My friend and I have been playing book bingo to make us read different things. It has been really good but we are still comfort reading in between as sometimes you just want a read something you know you will enjoy!
    the bingo sheet looks like this http://www.retreatbyrandomhouse.ca/2013/01/reading-bingo/
    The hardest one I have had so far is the book recommended by your barrista. I got recommended to read was “I was Dr Mengels Assistant” which is about Auschwitz and something that I would never choose to read as I like to pretend the world is a happy place. I did read it though and it was interesting, but hasn’t started me on a quest to read more holocaust books.
    Thanks for your blog, I’m definitely going to sign up to the book club and read your book

  18. Kim Thames
    Kim Thames at · Reply

    Hello, Josh!
    I enjoyed your book very much, and I thought I had joined your book club. Could I have missed your June email? I am looking forward to it.
    I know you have been told how inspirational your story is. It is not just your story – it is your ability to share it in a straightforward, honest, literary style that gives it the power to inspire. You can also be very funny, so there is that.
    Anyway, I will be looking for your book club email.
    Thank you!

    Kim Thames

  19. Maggie
    Maggie at · Reply

    So I have read all be 2 of the books on your intro list. I did not like your Chuck bashing. I liked Snuff! I also tend to read all of an author, not just a few selections or the book of the day! Are you sure you are a librarian?

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