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Writing For World’s Strongest Librarian


Even though you can only get stronger and smarter through your own efforts, the online world is full of passionate people who can help you get there quicker. I’ve always believed that I can learn something from any other person on Earth. Everyone has something to teach.

It’s nice and easy to share what works for you with everyone who reads World’s Strongest Librarian. Contributing a guest post will get your smarts out there for everyone to see, and you just might have something to say that has been the missing link in someone’s progress.

And for all you bookworms out there: if you’ve read something great and you want everyone to hear about it, let me know and I’ll file it under Book Reviews.

Here’s how it works: To submit an article about strength training or brain training, send the following:

1. The article itself–just paste it into the contact form. If you’d like to include a photo, I’ll
give you instructions on how to send it when I accept the post.

It’s important to have permission to use the photos you might use. Creative Commons on Flickr is a fantastic resource. Any photos you find there are fair game, just link to them in your article.

To submit a book review, Contact me and paste:

1. The review itself. Reviews don’t have to be positive, but should not include a ton of profanity.

2. A brief biography. Who you are, where do you work, and anything else you’d like readers to know about you (links to a blog, etc).

If I can use an article, I probably will. If I can’t, I’ll tell you why. If you argue, I’ll probably say something like “quit fussing.”

Remember: Stronger, Smarter, Better.  If you can give me an article that helps people improve in one of those categories and it’s well-written, I should be able to use it.

Thanks for your interest. I look forward to hearing from you.