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Readers of World’s Strongest Librarian train their bodies and minds in many different ways. They are bloggers, strength-seekers, self-improvers, and awesome geniuses. Whether you are interested in becoming stronger, smarter, or just plain better, you’ll find the tools for it here. And I don’t sell anything that I don’t use and love.

Items are sorted below to make life a little easier for you:

The Knot

My first novel. Big, strange, and a lot of fun. Click the link above for purchase options.

Blogging Resources

Equipment I use, services I offer.


If you’re studying strength and fitness, check out Essential Strength Books. I don’t put anything in the bookstores that I haven’t read, and many of them have already been reviewed on the blog.  And here’s the store with My Favorite Books, which I’ll be adding to continually.

Grip Tools And Resources

Once the hand strength bug bites, it usually doesn’t stop biting. Grip strength is a fun, weird hobby that I just can’t get enough of. These resources have helped me learn and keep me progressing.

Russian Kettlebells

It’s no secret that I am a kettlebell fanatic. This amazing tool will make you stronger and tougher than you can imagine. Inside are different options for learning about kettlebells, including price, quality, and shipping.