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Short Stories

I am in the process of adding one story a week to the Kindle store. Most will be horror stories collected under the title Stories From a Bad Town. Under each title you’ll find:

  1. A brief description of the story
  2. The Kindle Store link ($2.99)
  3. (for most stories) A link for the PDF option from e-Junkie ($1.99)

Under the Creek

“Johnnie, mom says the sun isn’t going to come up tomorrow. She says it’s just done.”

While playing by the creek, two young boys discover a nasty secret that will change their lives…or end them.

Under the Creek for Kindle

Under the Creek PDF

A Face at the Window

Tonight, Martin Greene will have no choice but to race. A challenge from a terrifying, inescapable stranger will send him hurtling through a familiar canyon in an effort to win a wager whose stakes could not be higher.

A Face at the Window for Kindle