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About World’s Strongest Librarian

World’s Strongest Librarian is a blog for anyone looking to get stronger, healthier, smarter, and talk about books.

And I’ve got a book. The World’s Strongest Librarian which was published by Gotham Books. And there are more on the way.

Actually, all you really need to know is that I have arm wrestled Stephen King (he smashed me!):



A Promise*

My main goal  here is not to bore myself…or you.That’s the promise I’m making to you.  I’ll even try to keep it.

*I might still bore us both

What You Will Find Here:

Lots of people wind up here because of the Tourette’s series. I haven’t had much to say about it for a while because it’s been a while since I’ve made much progress worth talking about.

I also write about strength training, libraries, and books.

I used to write about the strength stuff more than I do now, but at this point I’ve had my say. There’s only so much to say about it.  I make the best progress when I’m lifting consistently, keeping it fun, and not worrying what anyone else is doing. I’m always happy to talk about it, though, if you’d like to send me an email.

I also answer questions that I receive on the reference desk here on the blog, so I never know exactly what I’ll be writing about, which keeps it interesting.

About Josh Hanagarne

The short answer: just some guy.

I’ve got a pretty simple philosophy of life.

  • Take care of your mind and your health
  • Protect your family and make sure they have what they need
  • Help who you can help
  • Laugh as often as possible
  • Ask lots of questions
  • Distrust the humorless
  • Nobody understood human nature better than Mark Twain
  • There’s always a way to be compassionate
  • Every situation can be improved

Not too profound, but it works for me.


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