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T Bar Row – 250 x 8

When I was training at Gold’s Gym back in the couple of years ago, I took a few cracks at the t bar row. Like most machines in the gym, it was way too small for someone my height of 6’8″. When I would put my chest against the pad, way too much of my torso would drape over it for me to get very comfortable. Barbell rows worked just fine though, and rowing remains one of my very favorite muscle building movements. I usually use either barbells or kettlebells.

But if you’re not a lanky giant like myself, I imagine that most people could get a lot out of this exercise. I’ve seen plenty of pictures and videos of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman performing them, so I certainly couldn’t dismiss them.

The gent in the video above does a good job of demonstrating the basic pattern using a t bar row machine. Good luck, may your back blot out the sun.


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