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The Best Workout Is The One You Will Do

stick figure workoutIf you want to feel as good as possible, you should exercise. You should keep your body healthy. Move. Jump. Walk. Push. Pull. Reach over your head. Stand on your toes.If you want more muscle add weight.

Don’t do things that damage you. Don’t repeat mistakes that have damaged you.

There is too much exercise dogma. The truth is far simpler than the thousands and thousands of pages of books and bits and bytes of DVDs would have us believe.

  • Too much certainty
  • Too much greed
  • Too many quick fixes
  • Too many stupid supplements
  • Too many competing ideologies that are all “the one”

The truth is that there is a best workout for every single one of us. It is the workout you will do. It could be anything that gets you moving more than you would have otherwise.This is so simple, but there are many, many frustrated people out there falling into disrepair because they think they can’t do the workouts they’re “supposed” to do.”

There is no better gift we can give to ourselves than to simply stay healthy and strong. Find something you love to do that keeps you moving, then strive to make it better at whatever pace works for you. Ignore the sales commercials, the blog posts, the books and DVDs, the ad copy, and the endless spam newsletters.

Find something you love and then expand your limits in that one thing to start with.

Feeling good can be that simple.


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  • ddn February 9, 2011, 1:11 pm


  • Crysta February 9, 2011, 2:28 pm

    So true, and an excellent reminder. This time of year I beat myself up for not being able to go out and run in the arctic cold (today’s windchills are far below zero). Really, I just need to accept that it’s far better to stay inside and do strength training or yoga than to do nothing.

    Same holds true when I’m short on time – better to squeeze in 20 minutes than to throw up my hands and consider it a lost cause.