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Amazing Gingerbread Houses

From Mrs. WSL

When I married into my husband’s family I adopted the family tradition of making a gingerbread house each year. In the 10 years I’ve been a part of the family, the gingerbreading (a verb in our family) prowess has grown exponentially.  We all still love to do it and try make it bigger and better each year.

Here are a few of my favorite gingerbread pictures and some discussion of why they are so amazing.

This it the house I made in 2009.  The pattern is from The Gingerbread Architect. I also used their gingerbread dough recipe. What I loved about this house was the stunning roof.  The pattern went together pretty well. My only complaint is that the pattern book requires you to enlarge the patterns in order to make them and if you don’t have access to a copier for free, it will cost you a small fortune to copy the pattern.

I used gelatin sheets for the windows and loved them. I tried to glue them in with Royal Icing, but they didn’t stick well. I ended up using the glue gun for them and it worked fine. This house was the most stately I’d ever made. It was 24 inches tall with the sugarwork on top along with the Christmas tree.  I loved this house!

My sister in law made this next one.  The gingerbread row houses are a lot of fun to make.  The pattern comes from Teresa Layman’s Gingerbread Things to Make and Bake.  Her two books on gingerbread making are a necessity for your library.

I love this house because Lindsey used such attention to detail. She outlined every window pane, added nonpareils everywhere and included her own home made poinsettia plants.  (Yes, I’ll write up a tutorial and post it!)  Lindsey also made an adorable fence around her house, yep, those are pretzels.   You can’t see it well in the picture here, but the house is also covered in edible glitter—red, white, and green.  It’s a showstopper.  One of the great things about this pattern is that you can do so much with the decoration. Each house can have a different roof and décor. You can use all of your ideas on the same house instead of having to choose!

Finally, this is the house that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top; however, it is the house of the Lord, so maybe that’s okay.  My mother in law created this masterpiece in 2009.  She looked at ideas from lots of patterns, but created her own design incorporating them.  Yes, it has stained glass windows.  They were cut out of gingerbread and then crushed candies carefully were ladled into the spaces before baking.

The roof decoration is made from chocolate wafer cookies. The fence is gingerbread. The gorgeous sugar work is actually purchased from a local cooking store.  The multitude of trees really made the whole display complete.  You’ll notice more poinsettia plants and even some adorable church mice in this one.

I hope these pictures have given you some inspiration for your next gingerbread project.  If you want to know more about my gingerbreading, check out some of my other articles.

And if you’re looking for a candylist, look no more.

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