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Best Chest Exercises – Gironda Dips

When a group of bodybuilding aficionados–or guys who like to do more talking than training and feel like it amounts to the same thing–get together to talk exercises, dips rarely come up, in this librarian’s experience. Particularly with regards to the pectoral muscles. But I like dips, and in particular the Gironda dips, far more than I do the bench press, or the floor press. I get just as much benefit, or maybe more, since it’s more comfortable for me than flat pressing and my body feels better when I’m done.

But on to the one of the Vince Gironda exercises. As you can see in the video above, during a Gironda dip, the elbows flare out, the feet are r0ugly in line with the face, and the position is maintained the entire time the body is moving. From the peak of the movement to the very bottom of the dip, the body holds the same form.

vince gironda bodybuilder

If you haven’t done a lot of chest dips–or even if you have done a lot of them–you might find yourself swinging back and forth and generating a bit of momentum that might make your tendons and chest girdle rebel against you. Give the Girondas a try and see how they treat you. And here’s a picture of the man himself. I’m starting to suspect I’ll never have an exercise named after me.

Good stuff.


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