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Strength Training Log – 2-3-11 David Horne vulcan Gripper

Today I just had time to sneak in a quick grip workout at lunch. I’ve usually got the Vulcan gripper with me. Today grippers tested well and I was able to get 5 closes in a row on level #7 with the wasp spring, which is the hardest of the springs that David Horne currently offers.

My previous best was 3 reps in a row, and I was able to hit 13 reps total on each hand during the five minute session.

I also got very close to a close on Level 8, but didn’t strain too much. It should fall within a couple of days. learning how to set a gripper has been a big changer for me. I’m amazed at how difficult a misplaced eighth of an inch can make an otherwise easy close.

And if you’re wondering about your choices for heavy grippers, that post will give you a good, quick overview.


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