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Bill Kazmaier And The Inver Stone

bill kazmaier stoneIf you’ve ever watched a World’s Strongest Man Competition, chances are you have seen Bill Kazmaier, either as a commentator or a competitor. He won three consecutive titles in 1980, 1981, and 1982. As long as I’ve been lurking around the strength world online and off, I have run into his name constantly. Most recently I have gotten interested in stone lifting, in particular in the Dinnie Stones and the Inver Stone. And wouldn’t you know it, Bill’s name popped up again as one of the few men who has pressed the Inver Stone overhead.

I’m going to be heading over to Scotland in 2012 to attempt these lifts. Before I describe the Inver stone, take a look at this video of Bill Kazmaier, strongest man in the world, according to too many people to dismiss.  It’s a great introduction to a great man.

Now, the stone. It weights 268 pounds and is apparently a near-perfect sphere. The goal is to put the sucker overhead, which I’m sure is way more difficult than it even sounds. But Bill did it, as I read on the Ironmind website.

I’m not sure if there’s a video of Mr. Kazmaier pressing it, but here is one of fellow strongman nut Andy Cairney putting it up with ease.

I’ll have updates when I head over. Right now my training for the Inver Stone is a lot of Atlas stone shouldering, pressing on a log bar, and trying to find various odd objects to put over my head for unusual pressing practice.


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