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World Record Bench Press

To say that the bench press has never been my strongest lift is like saying that the moon has never really been my home. Just like about every other musclehead in their early 20s, I spent most of my time benching and didn’t put in much work anywhere else. I doubt the same can be said for Ryan Kennelly, who must have also put in some serious assistance work on his way to putting up an incredible 1074 pounds.

If you scroll through the comments on the Youtube video, you see a lot of disparaging remarks about benchers and bench press shirts, but I see all I need to know by the way that bar is bending. Shirt or no, I’d be terrified to be under that much weight. Impressive stuff.

And a quick recommendation for any fans of either the bench, bodybuilding, or physical culture: the book bench press by Sven Lundquist was recently reviewed on this blog by Chris Beardsley from Garage Gym Online, and it’s a great read.


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