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What Is Turrets Syndrome?

I have had so many people writing to me asking about how I handle “Turrets Syndrome” that I just had to write this quick post for anyone else who is looking it up on the web.

turretThe definition of Turrets Syndrome is: a misspelling of Tourette’s Syndrome, or I also occasionally see Sindrome de Tourette. When I think of a turret, I think of this:

That’s not nearly as exciting as what I have. I would much rather have some weird syndrome that grafted a turret onto my body and made my enemies tremble. But no, I’ve got the old fashioned brand which makes people:

1. Vocalize involuntarily

2. Move involuntarily

If you arrived here via a spelling error (no judgment, I once got kicked out of a spelling bee for forgetting to repeat the word “development” after I spelled it) you might enjoy some of the writing I have done about Tourette’s.


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  • Heather January 22, 2011, 4:51 pm

    So you’re not a Transformer? Well damn! Bet you’re way more disappointed about this than I am though. Wouldn’t that be cool? Walk outside, someone annoys the snot out of you, and somehow, magically, a turret with water-guns pops out of your wrist and you just Super-Soak ’em. Now that would be nifty!