Reading The Lonesome Dove Series In Order

comanche moon bookI have talked with so many readers who finish Larry McMurtry’s Pulitzer Prize winning book Lonesome Dove without having any idea that there are three additional books in the Lonesome Dove series. In fairness, this was the first book in the series, although it falls third in the chronology.

If you’re already familiar with Gus and Call, I’ll just sketch out the broad strokes of each book below. If you don’t know them yet or you just wonder what all the fuss is about, please check out my full review of Lonesome Dove.

Then, in order of the story, not of publication:

Dead Man’s Walk

Gus and Call are young men just about to join the rangers. The frontier is about as savage as these books will ever see it. Watching them learn the ropes of their unit is a good time, and the first appearances of Call’s temper are some of my favorite scenes in any novel ever. Also, a truly bizarre, unexpected ending sequence.

Comanche Moon

The dynamic duo are now veteran Texas Rangers and business on the frontier is still rough and wild. My favorite thread in this book actually had to do with action away from these two, however. Their Captain, Inish Scull, gets captured by a truly sinister gent named Ahumado, who hangs him in a cage and does all sorts of nasty things to him while Scull tries to give himself little challenges to help keep him focused and sane.


See above

Streets of Laredo

This book focuses on Captain Call as a bounty hunter as he chases a young train robber. A few old characters reappear in this novel, in unexpected circumstances. I can’t go into this one too much without spoiling some events from Lonesome Dove, but it’s a great read. The villain Mox Mox is one of my favorite McMurtry creations.

That’s it! I’d love to hear your opinions on each of these books, or any of them. If you’ve never read any of them, I envy you. You’re in for a treat.