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Deadlift Benefits – There are a lot of them

heavy deadlift

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My favorite lift is the deadlift. There are so many deadlift benefits that I’m actually making a goal that this will be a reasonable-length post, which means a list, I think. I have learned a lot about myself from this simple movement of picking weight up off the ground.

One of my favorite weightlifting quotes is from Mark Rippetoe. “Get your deadlift up to 500 pounds and you’ll have your own opinions.” I agree 100%. If you have taken your pulls up to 500 pounds (my current max is 540), you have done something well.

But if you’re a deadlifter, you already know all that, so let me just start listing what I think are the best reasons for a man or woman to deadlift:

  • It is useful
  • It is challenging
  • Nothing makes me feel stronger
  • Low reps can be productive
  • High rep pulls are the best musclebuilder I know
  • Lots of people are scared of them
  • You’ll probably be the only one in your gym doing any real lifting
  • they make your back strong
  • Strong backs are big backs
  • Big backs are pretty awesome
  • You don’t need a lot of equipment
  • You can use just about any tool you want – I’ve done a ton of pulling with two 48 kilo kettlebells
  • They make you hungry and you’ll want to eat big when you’re done – this is a big plus if you’re usually a small eater
  • They make me feel confident – there is something truly satisfying about lifting really heavy weight.
  • There is no faking it – either you lift it or it just sits there

Feel free to add to the list. I’ll keep building it as I go.


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