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Bioshock PS3 Review

bioshock ps3 reviewI’m a big fan of survival horror games like Resident Evil (if they’re done well), a not-so-big fan of first person shooters, but above all I’m a huge fan of great stories. Bioshock for the Playstation 3 might have the creepiest, most entertaining story I’ve ever encountered in a video game, with the possible exception of Shadow of The Colossus, which was actually light on story, but what there was was quite intriguing. Anyway, every Bioshock review I have ever read mentions that it is a game that both makes you think and flinch.

I agree. It’s a creepy, creepy game, and anyone who has read any Ayn Rand will see her stamp all over the underwater city of Rapture. Now, whether it is a deconstruction of Rand’s philosophy is something that seems to be more debatable.

What is not up for debate is that the game is memorable. Whether people love it or hate it, it makes an impression. I’ll recap the story briefly: back in the 70s a man named Andrew Ryan set up a capitalist utopia on the bottom of the ocean. He named the city Rapture.

You get dumped into Rapture as soon as the game begins, and much of the game involves gradually discovering just what went wrong down here. Because this is a nasty place. People have lost their minds and are running all over doing stuff that…well, you’ll have to play it.

The game looks great, the controls work well, and I’m very glad I didn’t jump into Bioshock 2 before trying this one, as the Gamestop salesman was urging.

If you like any of the elements of video games that I have talked about, I’m confident that you’ll love Bioshock. But it’s not a very lighthearted game, so if you go in expecting Little Big Planet or a Kirby Adventure, you’ll be in for a shock.


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