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Homemade Dumbbells For The Non-Handyman

homemade dumbbellsI have a confession. I have always wanted to learn how to make stuff, but I’ve never put in the effort to do so. This never bothered me until I got seriously into strength training. The grip world especially was full of little gadgets and gizmos that I quickly tired of buying stuff and decided that I’d take a crack at making my own equipment. How hard could it be to make a couple of homemade dumbbells?

Hard enough for me to get discouraged. So I retreated into the world of equipment I had already bought, and stuff that I didn’t have to alter: barbells, stones, cinderblocks, boards, etc.

But the more I look around the web, the more fascinated I am by all the DIY fitness guys. This video below shows how to make something I absolutely love: thick handled dumbbells. It’s surprisingly non-intimidating as far as craftsmanship, even to me.

Do any of you handyman gurus out there have any tips for anyone trying to make dumbbells?