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Shake Weights For Men – Can This Possibly Work?

shake weight for menI walked into the gym not too long ago to find a shake weight sitting on top of a 24″ plyo box. Because I was in a Crossfit gym, I was fairly certain it was there for a joke. I mean, say what you will about Crossfit, they still stick to great tools: barbells, kettlebells, etc. I was right. It was a joke. Anyone want to try these shake weights for men? everyone was asking each other.

Of course I wanted to try it. I had seen the thing on nearly as many parodies as infomercials before I ever got to use one myself. And still, even though I was prepared for how silly it was going to be, it was sillier still.

If you’d like the full account of what that brief workout was like, I wrote it up in full in this Shake Weight review. When something really sticks with me, I tend to write out an overly long narrative of it to make myself laugh. That’s what that other post was. This post is simply the facts.

  • I do not believe the shake weight will build muscle, at least not in a way that is superior to the basics of strength training: stick with weights
  • I can’t imagine anyone looking forward to a shake weight workout
  • South Park satirized the shake weight brilliantly–and you know a fad is crazy when they decide to pay attention to it
  • It’s boring to me
  • I do not believe for a second that the men shilling on the commercial got their muscular physiques by shaking a weight in six minute bursts
  • I can’t imagine that anyone has ever walked into a gym, surveyed the exercising people, and snorted as they wondered where are the Shake Weight men are at

Anyway, it’s late and I could probably thinking about better things. Anything else would qualify.


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