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Tourettes Symptoms – A Complete List is Impossible

tourettes symptoms

Does this guy have Tourette's?

People with Tourette’s Syndrome (my hand is raised) can display so many different manifestations of the same disorder that coming up with a definitive list of Tourettes symptoms isn’t really possible. I have a niece and a nephew who each have the disorder, and all three of us have very, very different tics. Tics are the symptoms of TS. I will say that for the vast array of things you might see or hear a Tourettic doing, it boils down to two things.

1. Involuntary movement

2. Involuntary vocalizations

These two big umbrellas cover a smorgasbord of absurdity.

In my own extreme case, the motor tics have been:

  • blinking
  • licking my lips
  • biting my lips, cheeks, and tongue
  • curling my tongue
  • hitting myself
  • scratching myself
  • slapping my instep against the ground when I walk (heel sometimes, too)
  • waving my hands
  • hyper-extending my fingers
  • curling my toes
  • opening my eyes really wide
  • touching my upper lip to my nose
  • grinding my teeth

I could go on, but I’ll jump into the vocal area.

  • screaming (just sounds, no obscenities, which is usually what people think of when they think of movement disorders and Tourette’s)
  • hooting
  • humming
  • whistling
  • gagging
  • growling
  • clucking my tongue

Another person with Tourette’s Syndrome might exhibit all of these symptoms, or none of them. And I’ve only listed about half of what happens to me. It’s weird stuff. But if you keep in mind that it essentially causes people to 1) move more than they want to; 2) make noises they don’t want to, then  you’re in the ballpark.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Don’t go relying on the comedic styling of Tourette’s Guy to get your info:)


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