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Frank Zane – A Different Type of Bodybuilder

When I say that Frank Zane is a “different” type of bodybuilder, I guess what I essentially mean is that he didn’t compete during the age of the absolute mass monsters we see today. A man the same height as Frank these days could conceivably outweigh him by nearly 100 pounds. I’ve dabbled in bodybuilding and have done a fair amount of chasing muscle, but I never wanted to look like Jay Cutler–not that I could anyways! Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that many men, with a little genetic help, could develop a physique as muscular and symmetrical as Frank Zane’s. T

frank zane Mr. OlympiaTake a look. I don’t know many guys who would look at this body and think “Oh no, I don’t want to look like that.” Zane was one of my dad’s favorite bodybuilders. If you look into his routine and history you know that he worked as hard as anyone out there, but he never looked monstrous and unnatural. No muscle building secrets, just dedication, lots of training, and lots of discipline.

I doubt the world of physique competition is about to head back down the ladder in terms of mass prioritization, but it might be a nice change.

And Frank still look good today! It will be interesting to see how the decades treat huge guys like Ronnie Coleman.


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