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Interested in Giving The Reg Park Diet a Try?

reg park bodybuilder

Eat big, lift big

Reg Park was a name I had heard before, mainly from old movie fans who loved him in some of the older Hercules movies. Reg had a physique that was pretty formidable. Whenever people start to discuss bodybuilders, as happens often in the circles I run in, the bodybuilding diets always come up. In his great book, The Complete Keys To Progress, John McCallum talks about Park constantly. As far as The Reg Park diet, I’ve done a bit of digging, and it looks like the man was very much in line with the “eat healthy, eat big” principles that McCallum discusses.

In that light, Reg Park’s diet sounds like that of most bodybuilders.

But I don’t want to dismiss Park as a mere bodybuilder. He was extremely strong. He was allegedly the first bodybuilder to bench press 500 pounds, and Arnold Schwarzenegger has cited Reg Park as a huge influence on his own career and ambitions for what the human body and spirit could accomplish.

Now, the diet: I’ve read a few interviews with the man in a few different places, and it’s not surprising. He preaches:

  • Eating LOTS of food–if you think you eat a lot, you probably don’t
  • Eat more healthy food than bad food
  • Lift high volume, lift heavy, lift often – The best workout routine for building muscle is the one that works, and the one that works is the one that has MORE
  • Finish everything off with Guiness — that made me laugh

There was a fun (if brief) discussion on the Wannabebig forums about Reg Park’s diet, and there are a couple of suggestions for further reading.


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