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Why I Stopped Reading Muscle And Fitness Magazine

muscle and fitness magazine

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There was a period of two years when I read every single copy of Muscle & Fitness magazine that came out. I got them at the library. I would see them every single day at work, I was interested in getting bigger muscles, and I was pretty freaking supplement happy. At least, I like to think about buying them and having them work, but I only ever tried a couple of things.

I was most interested in the routines. I wanted the best ab workout. I wanted variety. I wanted…I don’t know. It looks like I wanted to be distracted. I would hop from this program to that program without giving any consideration to the progress I had made on Program X, or how much more I might make if I would just keep going. Although I no longer follow set programs, I do believe that all programs work for a while. Never game myself a chance to find out, however.

And when I would go to the gym, I liked to wonder about how many of the other guys were doing the same program as I was. And how many would switch when the next issue came out.

I didn’t quite reading muscles magazines because there were more ads than articles. I primarily quit just because it was always the same. the principles of building muscle and losing fat just don’t change that much, no matter what size font the Weider principles appear in, or which model is posing. A note on the models. I would laugh every single time I saw a man screaming or grinding his teeth in agony while doing a hanging leg raise. Maybe they just wanted it more than I did. Or maybe there was a photographer saying “More pain! This is what our readers eat up!”

Whether that was true, I don’t care. That’s how it felt. These days, I do a style of training that most would call freestyle, but there’s more method to it than just going by what feels good. Frankie Faires is the guy who invented it. He calls it Gym Movement, which I don’t think is too catchy, but I don’t care. My workouts are fun, I make good progress, I feel good, and I’ll never have to pick up a magazine again.

I probably will though! The ads are still as funny as it gets. I can only imagine how jazzed I would have been if I could have found Muscle & Fitness as a potential 15 year old bodybuilder, not an excitable twenty something.

Oh, and ladies, there’s also a Muscle And Fitness Hers, but I can’t vouch for how funny the ads are.


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  • Xavier Du Monte August 23, 2011, 8:08 pm

    I find the magazine very interesting and great for guys. I havent seen the women’s one, but know of a Muscle & Fitness Hers online magazine by Sandra Prior, which offers advice for men and women. At least you don’t have to pay for it.