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15 Year Old Bodybuilder – Never Too Young?

This video made me smile. When I was 15 years old I was essentially one giant bone. Skinny skinny skinny, and no muscles to speak of. This 15 year old bodybuilder in the video is apparently “Lil Al.” I don’t know anything about his routine or diet, but he’s definitely ripped. Also–his hat is on slightly sideways, which is a must for ultimate dopeness, I hear. If your name begins with Lil, this is how you wear hats.

There is a lot of interesting literature out there about when kids should start lifting weights, but I’ve yet to here anyone say that 15 years is too young to have great abs. Maybe we’ve got the next Richard Sandrak here.

For any of you fitness professionals reading this, what’s your take on the age when a kid can start lifting weights to bulk up? Is there such an age? Does it matter at all?


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