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20 Rep Squat Routine

heavy barbell squatIf you read my book review of Randall Stossen’s book Super Squats, then you have heard me talk about the 20 rep squat routine before. It’s bad news. You take a bunch of weight, put it on a barbell, and then squat it 20 times. In between squats you take as many breaths as you need to while your poor little legs “rest” up for the next set.

Then, once you’ve done your squats, your workout is over unless you want to throw in some assistance work.

In this video below a strong gent is doing 20 rep squats with 462 pounds!

Every cell in my body starts to seize up when his reps starts slowing down and he really starts sucking wind. This is harder than I want to work in the gym, but I’m still impressed by anyone who can do 20 rep squats.


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