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The Greatest Handshake of All Time – The Predator Handshake

I wasn’t allowed to watch R Rated movies as a kid. I had to see Predator at a friend’s house when it hit the video store. Of all the great memories I have of that movie, and of all the 80s action movies it led me to, none stands out or makes me smile as much as what we could call the Predator Handshake.

This video sums up the golden age of testosterone-laden 80s movies better than anything else I know of.

The handshake is all about biceps. Serious, serious biceps. The next time someone puts their hand out, you need to shake it like Arnold or Carl Withers would shake it. Make them pay for offering you a half-hearted greeting and strike fear into their hearts with the Predator Handshake.

Oh man, I love it.

And if you need something to follow that up, there are all sorts of life lessons to be learned from Over The Top. Too bad Stallone didn’t make it into Predator.


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