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The Tourettes Treatment That Worked The Best For Me And Still Stunk

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I recently wrote a post about the Tourette’s medications I have tried, with brief commentary on how each one of the pills affected me. What I didn’t get into was the one Tourettes treatment that actually gave me some relief–but there was a big trade off.

At the time I was screaming so loudly every 2-3 seconds from tics that I got a hernia from the abdominal pressure. My abdominal wall burst and one fine morning in the shower I looked down and saw that I could see my intestine making an unwelcome appearance just above my groin. Ta da!

Screaming had another bad side-effect: I couldn’t be out in public much. Too embarrassing. Too much of a nuisance. Too disruptive in class. So I agreed to what was then an experimental treatment: botulism injections in my vocal cords. I’ve never been much for science, so I can’t give you the play-by-play account of what that did to my biology, but in layman’s terms, it paralyzed my vocal cords.

So I couldn’t scream anymore, which was nice. But here’s the tradeoff: I couldn’t talk much either. Meaning, at all mostly. I could whisper the tiniest bit, but not even enough to talk on the telephone. It was weird. I was a fairly social, gregarious person, but now I couldn’t talk at all.

When I look back, I’d probably do it again. I got those shots every five weeks for three years. My tics didn’t diminish, but I was able to be in public and make progress in school and work while I figured out what my next move would be.

So if you’re one of us crazy Tourettics who is yelling his or her fool head off and you just don’t know what to do, this is one option I know of. I can’t exactly recommend it, but I’ve talked to a lot of people with tic disorders that manifest verbally who had never heard of this Treatment for Tourette’s Syndrome.

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Good luck!


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