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The Best Stephen King Books

pennywise the clownTo my knowledge I have read every book that Stephen King has written. From the time I picked up The Tommyknockers in the bookmobile as a fourth-grader, to the time about two weeks ago when I closed the covers of Full Dark, No Stars, I have looked forward to all of his writing. I think his books are fun to read. It’s as simple as that. So for me, the best Stephen King books are the ones that I enjoyed reading the most.

Here are the three that I would not want to do without:

1. The Stand

The ultimate post-apocalyptic tale, and a big book even for King. The world has been brought to its knees by a plague. The survivors are drawn into one of two camps: good or evil. Watching them try to put civilization back together was one of the greatest reading experiences I’ve ever had. Love Randall Flagg, too, best villain besides Pennywise.

Speaking of…

2. It

Children in Derry are disappearing. “It” is taking them. Seven kids stop It. They thought It was dead. When they are all grown, they each receive a phone call. It has come back. They’re going back to kill It once and for all.

Maybe the most frightening novel I’ve ever read. Here is my full review of It. (the book, not the TV adaptation).

3. The Dark Tower series

I’m cheating, putting seven books into one, but The Dark Tower really must be read to experience it. I’m not saying they’re great or terrible, only that the experience of reading them was a big change for me in the way I view Stephen King’s writing, and the way I view narrative.

Start with The Gunslinger.

That’s it. My own best Stephen King novels. How about you? Which Stephen King books are indispensable for you? Or do you just hate them all?


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