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Heavy Suitcase Deadlift With 275 In Each Hand

The suitcase deadlift is just what it sounds like. You pick an object or two off the ground, while holding them at your sides like a suitcase. The deadlift pattern is simply lifting something off the ground. This is another instance of same but different, and it is a lift I do a lot now that I test all of my movements according to the Grip and Rip 2. 1 DVD produced by strongman Adam T. Glass.

Conventional pulling might be out on any given day, but that does not mean that a variation of the deadlift pattern can’t be drilled in order to keep moving forward.

If you can’t tell, 275 in each hand is a huge lift for the suitcase variation of lifting these weights. Especially when you consider that there are plenty of men out there who can’t deadlift 275 lb in any fashion. This is a 550 lb pull in a relatively awkward variation for anyone who is used to pulling with a barbell. It’s a very similar grip to trap bar deadlifts, but anytime you have each limb supporting a free weight that isn’t gripped by both hands simultaneously, it’s a different sensation.

Give it a try! I think your respect for what you’re seeing here will increase quite a bit when you get an idea of what this strong gent just did. Fun stuff.


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