The Lee Child Reacher Novels In Order, for Readers Who Don’t Know Where To Start

Killing Floor ReacherIf you’re a Lee Child fan, there’s a very good chance that it is because of his character Jack Reacher, who reminds me in a lot of ways of Jack Bauer from 24, but he’s way taller.

If you’re a fan of book series of any kind, there’s a very good chance that you think it’s a pain to figure out which order they were released in, particularly if they’re not covered in helpful labels like #1, #4, etc.

Today I’m going to give you two things. A list of the Lee Child Reacher Novels in order, and then a link to a site where it is extremely easy to look up any series an author has written, and the order of publication.

Here we go:

1. Killing Floor
2. Die Trying
3. Tripwire
4. The Visitor
also known as Running Blind
5. Echo Burning
6. Without Fail
7. Persuader
8. The Enemy
9. One Shot
10. The Hard Way
11. Bad Luck and Trouble
12. Nothing To Lose
13. Gone Tomorrow
14. 61 Hours (that’s my book review)
15. Worth Dying For

16. The Affair

That should be enough to get you going for a while. If you are new to the series, every book can be read in isolation–you won’t miss out on anything huge. But long-time readers are rewarded by nods to previous novels in almost every book. I’d recommend picking up at Killing Floor and going in order.

As far as that link. The next time you’re looking for the order of a book series, check out Fantastic Fiction.