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How To Do Hindu Pushups

I have been a fan of Steven Maxwell’s for a long, long time. By watching his videos, you would think he is much younger than he is. Here he is demonstrating how to do Hindu pushups. Steve has talked a lot about how much he enjoys working out outdoors, and if I had a beach near me, I probably wouldn’t be able to resist heading down for some pushups myself.

I first heard of Coach Maxwell when I was becoming interested in kettlebells through the Dragon Door forum. He had been a senior RKC and had left to do his own thing, but he was still discussed with great reverence.

From everything I have seen, he is a high quality individual. And on that note, I have to say that a Hindu pushup is not an easy movement. I am trying to fit it into my work on the 100 push up challenge. Pacing and deliberation are key. As with all exercises, try to focus and make the movement matter, don’t rush through just to make it end.

100 push ups is a lot. I had no idea how many until I started trying. And PS: Kenneth Jay, former Master RKC kettlebell instructor, recently posted that he had done 200 consecutive quality reps…in a row.

Much to do!


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