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Book Review: The Angry Clam

I originally purchased this book solely for this headline on the back cover:

It is passion–and romance

It is ecstasy–and angst…it is life.

The Angry Clam

But when you open the book, things get even better: “So wrought with hostility, The Angry Clam plots the destruction of The Earth.”

I defy anyone to come up with a greater opening line for a book. And speaking of being “wrought,” when was the last time that you were “wrought” with anything? Regardless, call off your search for answers and meaning: you have found them. Peering into the depth of this unassuming bivalve is like looking into a mirror. You will recognize something of yourself in this book.

I’m not into Existentialism as much as The Angry Clam is, but good grief I love this book! It truly has to be seen to be appreciated. Each page features the same picture of the clam, a crude sketch with occasional adornments. Each page has one or two lines of text on it. But there is a huge difference between something simple and something simplistic. The Angry Clam is simple, but deceptively profound and undeceptively hysterical.

While the clam ruminates on the ocean floor, he undergoes several shifts of character and purpose. In a moment of vulnerability, he embraces Islam, only to reject it later. He undergoes various crises before yes, saving the entire universe, but I won’t spoil the How for you.

Too many people get into existentialism either to make their parents mad or just to have a reason to wear fingerless gloves year-round. It’s all well and good to be anguished and give up on Meaning In Life, but not everyone can do it in a way that isn’t mopey.

Erik Quisling has come to the rescue. Keep your fingerless gloves on, you enlightened Exies, but study The Angry Clam and live its lessons, lest you lose all credibility and get exposed as posers.

Oh man oh man oh man, I love this book.


Is The Angry Clam worth all this raving? Whether you think I got it right or wrong, let me know in the comments section and we’ll work on your attitude together


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  • Erik Quisling February 7, 2010, 12:16 pm

    Thanks for the review. I’m glad you enjoyed The Angry Clam. I’d be happy to mail you a signed copy of my hardback trilogy.
    Best Regards,
    Erik Quisling