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Heavy Barbell Upright Rows

There are plenty of people out there who will tell you that this very strong gentleman is not using perfect form in these extremely heavy barbell upright rows. I’m guessing they can’t move 140 kilos in an upright rowing motion, bad form or not. I’m not saying they’re wrong, only that this impresses the hell out of me.

Maybe they’d give credit if he was doing barbell pullovers with the same weight!

I’ve personally never been a big fan of heavy upright rows. They’re uncomfortable for my shoulders unless I use a cambered EZ bar, and those just don’t go heavy enough to keep it interesting, at least not without a loadable bar, which I don’t currently own. And the t bar row machines are never tall enough for me, so instead of resting my chest against the pad, it’s more like resting my stomach on it.

Anyway, this impressed me. That’s probably obvious by now. The heavy upright barbell row takes some working up to.



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