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Kettlebell Swing Workout With Bud Jeffries

I used to follow Bud Jeffries on the Dragon Door forum. He was pretty swing happy, which makes it appropriate to show you this video of his kettlebell swing workout series. Bud is in cahoots with one of my pals, Logan Christopher from Legendary Strength and the Lost Art of Hand Balancing.

Whenever I check in on Bud he’s usually in the midst of some marathon kettlebell swing session. He measures his workouts in thousands of swings, generally. He could smoke us all. I will not ever get to this level of swing prowess with Russian kettlebells. I don’t like them enough and I’d get bored.

But I still get fired up listening to Bud talk about something he obviously loves so much. This series he filmed will be a great primer for you if you’re looking to jump into the weird and wonderful world of girya lifting.


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