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96 kg Kettlebell Windmill by Steve Cotter

I do the occasional kettlebell windmill with about 35 pounds. That’s not good enough for Steve Cotter, president of the IKFF Kettlebell lifting federation. Steve looks bored performing this kb windmill with 96 kilos worth of weight. I never get tired of watching this guy lift. He was also in the RKC leadership back in the day, but left under a cloud of controversy.

Note, this is not a kettlebell routine for beginners, ha ha.

But wow, he is strong!


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  • Logan Christopher from Handstands August 27, 2012, 3:51 am

    Kettlebell Windmill,Alternating Kettlebell Press,Alternating Hang Clean are one of my personal favorite kettlebell exercise which i always love to do.