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Barbell Clean and Press for 502 lbs – Serge Redding

This is the incomparable Serge Redding performing a barbell clean and press with 228 kilograms, also known as the heinous weight of 502 lbs. This is absolutely inhuman strength. And he makes it look so easy! I even like the singlet. Maybe that’s the key to lifting this much weight. I have only now begun seriously trying to increase my poundage on the power clean and military press. I don’t know of any other lift that makes me feel stronger other than the deadlift.

Serge is walking the line between inspiring and intimidating! Wonderful stuff. The clean & press is a brutal lift that has to be experienced to be appreciated. And once you get to the point where you can clean the weight, it may very well be pinned to your chest.

Redding is a beast.


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