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The Hang Clean vs Power Clean

As I play around with my exercises, I’m always looking for different variations to test out. The power clean has become my new favorite exercise. In a nutshell, you grasp a barbell that is lying on the floor, stand up with it until the bar is just below your knees or thereabouts, and then sort of jump with it. You bring your elbows forward and the bar lands on the shoulder girdle. It’s good fun.

But the movement pattern is one of triple extension from the ankles, hips, and knees. And within that pattern are many components and potential variants for testing. Today I want to show you videos of the hang clean vs power clean.

The major difference is that in the hang clean the weight is only pulled off the floor the first time. Then–well, you’ll see:

And here’s a serious power clean of 440 pounds.

You may hear about the superiority of either version, or the carryover that cleans of any sort have to any given sport. I lift for fun, and that is usually the version I go with–the one that I enjoy the most. I make that my goal lift and I return to my goal lifts as often as they test well (check out the Grip and Rip DVD from Adam Glass if you wonder what I mean by “testing.”)

If you’re interested, give these movements a try. If you like one more than the other, I’d consider that a clue!


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