Tourette’s Syndrome Pictures

tourette syndrome pictures

Tourette's, or is someone just stepping on his foot?

From time to time, just to satisfy my own curiosity and try to see what people are saying about Tourette’s, I’ll jump into a couple of SEO tools and see what people are hunting for. I was surprised this week to find that approximately 140 people each month go to a search engine and type in Tourette’s Syndrome Pictures.

It only surprised me because people with Tourettes look just like everyone else until they have a tic. If you were to take a picture of someone while they are in the middle of a tic, you’d probably get something blurry! Or maybe just someone squinching their face up or blinking.

I checked it out with Google images and it’s about what I expected. So if you arrived here looking for Tourette’s pictures, that link will take you to some. You’ll get a few funny faces, some diagrams of the brain, and a few random looking shots of stuff that doesn’t look too relevant.