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Lipo 6 Review – Not For Me

lipo 6I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve fallen prey to the supplement marketing now and again. the day I decided to pick up a bottle of Lipo 6–made by Nutrex research–I may have been unhappy with the way I looked, felt, or maybe it was just the picture of the curvy, fat-free girl on the bottle. Anyways, I bought it.

I had never taken a thermogenic before. I had heard the term “fat burner” but really didn’t know anything about them. Lipo 6 ran ads constantly in Muscle & Fitness magazine. I happened to pick up an issue about a month ago at the library, just for fun. They’re still selling it, but the bottle is black now, which I guess makes it better.

Anyway, I took the recommended dosages for two weeks. The pills made me extremely jittery and warm. I looked up the nutrition later–of course, I couldn’t be bothered to research something before I bought it, so that’s on me–and wasn’t too impressed with what I saw. There’s nothing good for you in these pills, but in fairness, they’re billed as good for your appearance, not bursting with wonderful nutrients.

As far as my results, I did lose some subcutaneous fat. The water weight dropped quickly and after the two weeks I was probably as lean as I’d ever been. I should mention that I was already pretty lean before I started the cycle, but it did make my abdominal lines stand out a bit more.

Later I would try going without carbs for three days. I got just as cut without any jitters or pill-swallowing.

I’m done with supplements. No judgment here, they’re just not for me. Too expensive, too much hype, and too many other ways to get the same results without shelling out the cash.


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