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A Very Strange Book: Christmas Curiosities

christmas curiositiesYou could also call John Grossman’s book Christmas Curiosities “The Dark Side of Christmas.” The subtitle is Odd, Dark, and Forgotten Christmas. I have had more fun with this book this year than in any of my other happy little rituals.

I love Christmas. My favorite time of year starts at the beginning of October and ends on New Year’s Eve. Maybe it’s the way I grew up, maybe it’s the fact that I love Christmas music (one exception being the vomitous “Christmas Shoes” or my vote for the worst Christmas song ever), or maybe it’s because I like candy and I’ve been stuffing my fat face for the duration. Every morning I fight the urge to eat the candy out of my son’s advent calendar, and so far I’ve held strong.

But back to Christmas Curiosities. I love strange books, and it is a delightful collection of weird, weird, art, stories, and anecdotes about this holly jolly season. For instance, how’d you like this freak showing up at the bottom of your chimney?

Or how about good old Krampus? He travels with Santa, but while good old St. Nicholas is busy doling out Christmas presents for good children, Krampus punishes bad kids.

krampusI don’t know about you, but if he tumbles out of my chimney later this week I’m going to pee my pants. I think I’ve been good, but you never know…

This book is absolutely fun, for Christmas lovers or haters. If you don’t ever read it, I’m fairly certain you’ll get a visit from Krampus.


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  • Heather December 20, 2010, 8:12 am

    Am digging out $$$ right NOW! Krampus–is either German or Austrian, and they did a big Christmas hoo-rah over there recently where Krampus was cavorting about, scaring the $hit out of little boys in the crowd. He’d come at ’em, they’d scream, then they’d laugh, so he’d come at ’em again! Now that’s MY kind of Christmas Elf! FAVE CHRISTMAS SONG—Monty Python’s “F**k Christmas,” as sung by Eric Idle. All for this line–“And all the elves can go F**K themselves, ‘cos it’s bloody Christmastime.” LOVE IT! Oh, look, it’s Kra–ow! Hey!