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Alexander Karelin Strength Training

If you were to choose someone to kick your butt in wrestling, you couldn’t do much better than to pick Alexander Karelin. The man is foreboding in every sense of the word. I’ve always been in awe of the goofy strength wrestlers develop (or are born with, we who are not so strong might suspect with envy).

Being able to toss other strong, grown men around as if they are little dolls is something to aspire to. Wrestling has always been a miserable experience for me. No matter how big or strong I become, there always seems to be a little guy right around the corner who can absolutely twist me into knots and make me beg for mercy. Oh well.

Olympic champion, all-around brute and bad*ss, I could watch these videos all day. I hope that one day he’ll come out of retirement and wrestle The Undertaker.


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