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Industrial Strength Grip DVD Released Today!

gripperFor all you strength nuts and grip enthusiasts. My friend, professional strongman Adam T. Glass has released his first official grip strength product today: Industrial Strength Grip, Volume 1.

I personally got into grip training because when I hear someone talk about something that excites them, I get excited as well. There’s definitely some “monkey see, monkey do” in me. When I would hear Adam rave about how fun grip training was, I was intrigued. When I would see him perform feats of hand strength, I would teeter on the line between being inspired and being intimidated.

I dove in and have never looked back. Grip sport is addictive, but only because it is fun. One of Adam’s passions has now become one of my own. I know some of you reading this page are also grip strength nuts, so this is your chance to learn how to build stronger hands, from someone who could probably pinch your head and mine off with two fingers.

A decade of instructing in the military has also given him great teaching skills. It is nice to be able to hear someone teach with complete clarity. When Adam talks about training, it is impossible to misunderstand what he is saying.

I just ordered my copy. I’m proud to be a part of this launch and if you’ve got any interest in hand strength at all, please check out the Industrial Strength Grip DVD. On that page you’ll learn about how Adam got started in hand strength and why he believes it is a valuable addition to anyone’s fitness program.

What you’ll get:

  • Over 30 grip exercises to hit any areas you might accidentally be neglecting
  • A focus on grip training with minimal equipment
  • How to develop stronger hands with the minimal effective effort
  • How to incorporate grip training into your normal workouts – we are not talking about adding a ton of time for specific grip training
  • A bonus that comes with the DVD. I actually do not know what it is and he will not tell me. (Yes, I have asked). What I do know is that Mr. Glass is in the habit of over-delivering, and I expect he’ll do so with the bonus.

If you’ve got a weightlifter or a bodybuilder in the house, and you’ve been procrastinating your Christmas shopping, Industrial Strength Grip will be one of the best things that ever happened to their strength training.



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