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Strength Training Log: 12-7-2010 Hip Belt Squats

I am liking the Ironmind Hip Squat belt more and more. And although squats have never been my strong point, I’m surprised each workout at how challenging 145 pounds can feel like on a loading pin once I get above 10 reps. The muscles on the lower thigh are worked in a way that I have never felt. Not saying that’s good or bad, just saying!

So tonight I was feeling pretty good. Squats and deadlifts. I did a couple of sets of 20 on the hip belt with 145, then pulled  bunch of sumo deadlifts with 315. Sumo stance gets stronger and stronger. I am increasingly convinced that it will wind up being my strongest stance. My back is staying more upright and my hips no longer feel like they’re a wishbone when I start the pull off the floor.

I also did a bunch of floor pressing with a barbell. High reps at 135, 20-30 reps per set. A good night and a quick workout in about 20 total minutes.


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