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Classic Nes Games – Faxanadu

faxanadu nesI first saw Faxanadu in Nintendo Power magazine. I poured over the screenshots, but I did this with every game the magazine ever showed. I was a frenzied young lad when it game to video games, and the heyday of the Nintendo was a good time to be a kid.

So, Faxanadu. It was part RPG, part action, part frustrating platformer. It had a weird color scheme and washed out colors, and the music was as beepy and boopy as it got.

I wasn’t really on fire to play it until I went to the Albertson’s grocery store with my parents that weekend. that’s where I usually rented my Nintendo games. Times have changed.

I got it, I played it all weekend, and I was hooked, although I wasn’t too discriminating. The story was nothing too special or different. You were a knight and you come home to find the land destroyed by weird, pixelated dwarfs. The RPG element of the game came from endless sessions of leveling up and getting money to buy more loot.

the platforming element was frustrating because the control was not that great. It wasn’t difficult like the Ninja Gaiden original for the NES, but it was still tough.

Faxanadu was a fun game, but not a quick one like Wizards and Warriors. I doubt I’d have the patience for it today.


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