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Classic Nes Games – Wizards and Warriors

wizards and warriors nesWizards and Warriors was the first game I bought with my own money. It took a lot of weeks of telling myself that I couldn’t spend my little allowance and chore money. But I finally did it, and I bought it at the Raley’s Grocery store in Elko, Nevada.

Wizards and Warriors is a game that people my age, who were teenagers during the great Nes and Super Nes craze talk about with equal parts reverence and frustration. The most memorable part about it to me is the music.

Back when I didn’t know any better, the introduction song was moving enough to put tears in my eyes. Almost. But in any case it did make me want to get out there and chop some monsters up with my video game sword.

The story behind the game is not that important. You are a knight and you have to rescue a princess from a wizard–he turns out to be pink, and has a pink beard.

The gameplay is quite strange in some ways. For instance, your sword, which you carry the entire time, is pretty useless. You don’t stab with it, but wave it around in a terribly small arc that can’t hurt anyone much. A throwing knife or axe becomes the main weapon.

But stranger is that you can kill just about anything with your feet if you can hit it at the right angle. I don’t know why this made it into the game. I don’t bring it up as a negative, just kind of weird.

Many of the items you can collect  have hysterical names. “Feather of Feather Fall.” Just what I needed!

The best part of the game, besides the music, is the tower level at the end. It is an excruciatingly long climb, but it is worth it because you can jump off the edge and fall for what seems like five minutes. It seemed pretty cool at the time.

A great game, great memories, and I can still whistle the tunes if I try.


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