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Gakic Hardcore Review – It did not unleash an “unholy fury” in me

gakic hardcoreI’ll be honest: I was a little embarrassed to be a grown man paying for a product that promised to help me “rip apart the gym with a demonic fury,” but…as it it turned out, I’m not immune to marketing. I just don’t think I’m the target audience. I’ve been lifting weights consistently for the last few years, and have dabbled on and off for the last 15. And yet, here it was, Gakic Hardcore. What was I doing buying anything with “hardcore” in the title anyways?

Not that the word seems to mean much these days. I’ve seen it on bags of chips. How extreme can a stupid corn chip be?

I didn’t really feel the need to exact an unholy vengeance on the barbells and kettlebells in my gym. I didn’t need to punish the iron. I didn’t need to unleash any sort of monster from within my whatever. But I paid for some Gakic, took it home, and used it. It was a pricey impulse buy. But the more interesting point here is whether it worked.

Gakic hardcore results

Eight giant purple pills. I have a pretty strong gag reflex and by the fifth pill, prior to my workout, I was having a hard time getting them all down. But I did. About 30 minutes later I was at the gym. I had a lot of energy, which is what Gakic promises. My eyes didn’t turn red, I didn’t roar or rip the place apart, but I did have a good deadlift workout with energy to burn.

The next workout on Gakic went well, but I didn’t have as much energy as the first time. Diminishing returns set it. It’s essentially a huge caffeine punch in the face, but the human body adapts to caffeine quickly. Was I going to go from 8 pills to 10? No! Was I going to keep using it until my body thought that it could no longer get a good strength training session in without it? No!

I finished the bottle and then went back to my training as usual. I was fine. I will say that Gakic delivered the energy it promised, but if I understand my body as well as I think I do, it can’t do it forever, and it wasn’t even the same three workouts in a row. I had an identical experience with NO Xplode.

But I paid for it, so no regrets there. They got me. They certainly did. Back to teh basics. Milk, meat, vegetables, and sweat. No shortcuts.


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